Lucky Paws Midwest

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

~Josh Billings

I hereby certify that all information provided herein is true and that I have answered all questions honestly. I further certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I understand that providing false information will result in the application being denied. I understand that Lucky Paws Midwest reserves the right to deny any application for any reason for the sake of protecting the welfare of the animal. I understand that this application is subject to the approval of the Lucky Paws Midwest’s Adoption Committee. I further understand that I will be notified of an approval or denial within 3 days of the completion of this application. If my application is denied, I understand that Lucky Paws Midwest may or may not disclose the determining factors which led to the final decision.

I understand that I have only submitted an application to adopt and this is not an adoption contract, and that approval is not guaranteed. 

It is my intention to integrate the animal that I am applying to adopt into my home and life as a pet, companion, and member of my family. I understand that the adoption of any pet is a commitment to provide love, shelter, and care to him/her for the duration of his/her life. I certify here that I am ready to make this commitment with the full knowledge that my pet may exceed 15 years of age. I am prepared to be financially responsible for veterinary care including, but not limited to, annual check ups and vaccinations. I am prepared to provide grooming, exercise, and social interaction for the pet.

I hereby authorize Lucky Paws Midwest to contact my references as a part of the screening process for adoption, and agree that Lucky Paws Midwest will only use this information for adoption purposes.

Please fill out this application to your fullest knowledge. Missing information may result in your application being denied. 

Please understand that we are a volunteer run organization, and it may take us up to three days to process your application. If you do not hear from us within that time span, please email us at

Please speak with all the members of your household prior to filling out this application. Failure to do so may result in your application being denied.